Career Resources

We work one-on-one with women veterans, providing personalized career services and access to resources essential to their success.

Entrepreneur Education & Business Development:
When it comes to building local economies, women veterans, servicewomen, and military spouses are a precious, untapped resource. Our entrepreneur and business development education empowers women of  the military community to take an active role in building their financial path within their communities using the platform of media.

Career Development:  We don’t just help find jobs; we help cultivate careers. Our career counselors guide women of the military community to those career paths that are best suited to their unique skills and strengths, based on a personalized career assessment, and provide support and resources for those venturing into new career paths.


Employers can utilize our portal for job listings, and candidates can display their talents.  We’re closing the gaps of connecting the employers and the military community with finding suitable level of skills and veterans finding employment for their talents.  Utilize this option if you’re seeking to take advantage of our talent connections.

Coaching: Although they may have been behind enemy lines, women veterans face unfamiliar and critical crossroads. Our Certified Life and Career Coaching counselors help veteran women succeed back home, helping them cope with change, develop a career, and find life balance.  Get connected Now!

Operation B.R.I.D.G.E.S.™

Our seven-point Transitional Coaching Program guides women veterans through a process of self-discovery to craft an inspiring vision of her future, design goals to nourish her life, build a career or business to become financially empowered, and find clarity, guidance and grace through our qualified counselors.
Connecting veteran women with a network of reputable partners committed to their personal and professional development, Operation B.R.I.D.G.E.S. aims to truly bridge the gap between deployment and returning home.

Build Resiliency, be Inspired, Design her individual life, Gain knowledge of opportunities, Employ her through career & business development, and provide support to keep her family Safe.

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