We’re changing our name to suit our mission. As of December 2, 2019, you’ll begin seeing the transition. Our name is no longer “The National Resource Society for Women Veterans” but “SHE Society for Women Veterans.” Over the years we’ve served combined over 3,675 Women Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families with global resources helping them with the transition. During the process, we’ve discovered the freedom of artistry and its ability to heal. For someone who’s experienced silence, couldn’t voice their opinion without being penalized, or having an extremely structured career finding their voice in the word is critical for them to thrive in new communities. Discovering the freedom of expression acts as the ability to breathe life in the lungs of someone who’s life experiences has collapsed their dreams. So, we’re not only going to have fun with it, but we believe if we provide access to inner joy, it will reflect enough light on the outside and repel on others. As you know, transitioning is not the most straightforward task, and the integration process can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to become lost in the process and lose confidence in one’s ability to achieve. However, if we focus on creativeness it can provide space for new things to emerge. That’s where the “arts” come in. Using our creative abilities offer opportunities to communicate, relieve tension, and become acquainted with others in unique ways. Our mission is to train with a purpose! The pursuit of happiness is why we are focusing solely on project management, technology, and media. Military personnel, military families, and spouses travel tremendously. Although seeing the world is terrific, it’s strenuous maintaining employability. SHE Society for Women Veterans prepares them for employment or entrepreneurship stability during the complete process.



SHE FELLOW’s Beginning January 15, our fellowship program kicks off, allowing participants to learn about media using three platforms, Television, Social Media, Podcasting, and Print Media. Applicants select a minimum of one area to develop their skills using the hands-on approach for a minimum of 6 – 12 months while receiving recognition of skill development for their resume.

SHE VIRTUAL ACADEMY January will also be the cyber opening of the SHE Virtual Academy, where students can enroll in premium-quality training courses as ideal preparation for certification examinations in affordable project management, technical training held by our certified training partners. The application window opens December 6, 2019, and the Project Management sessions begin in January of 2020. Courses will be held virtual and live throughout the year. Participants can apply to become a Fellow on the SHE VET iNSPIRES television show (to work on set or behind the scene during enrollment period (first come, first serve basis). Once completed, applicants can add additional skills to their resume as a candidate to work virtually with an employer at SHEMediaTech.com or start their own business as a virtual assistant. **A knowledge test is required before the submission of an application. Participants are permitted to participate without providing proof of the necessary knowledge exam.

EMPLOYMENT Candidates desiring to work as a Program Manager, a Product Manager, or a Product Developer should register, add their resume, and list of employment experience in the SHE MediaTech’s recruitment Job board, and creative network. Basic membership is free. If you’d like to partner with the SHE Society for Women Veterans, and become a supporter, please contact us or donate during #GIVINGTUESDAY. As of now, we’re listed as The National Resource Society on AMAZON SMILE (momentarily until it’s changed in the Amazon system). We appreciate your assistance with helping us continue to INSPIRE CHANGE THROUGH CREATIVITY.

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