Everyday, twenty two veterans commit suicide as a result of depression, or Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).  NRSWV aims to lower the numbers by providing necessary programs that not only is confidential, but is effective.  We’ve recently conducted a survey with women veterans and discovered the majority desires to talk with a professional on a more consistent, and personal basis concerning transition, and stressful moments.  There are ways that you can get involved with ensuring our programs are successful:

Become a volunteer.  Volunteering can help you gain experience in areas that might    otherwise require prior experience. For many, the job hunt becomes a disappointing cycle, where to find a job, one must first have the required experience. Resumes are currently being accepted for volunteer positions such as, coaching, trainers, outreach, administrative, photography and more.

7  Ways to Sponsor a Woman Veteran.  Sometimes all it takes for a person to get back on the right track is a little attention and support. Sponsoring a woman veteran can be personally rewarding. It can be extremely beneficial to them as well. For as little as

  1. $20  Cover the cost of supplies for a six week thorough resume coaching and training…
  2. $50  Cover a comprehensive therapist consultation/provide transportation to and from work for a week…
  3. $85  Cover the fee for CPR Certification
  4. $100 Provide a weeks worth of food for a family of three
  5. $500 Assist with rent or utilities
  6. $2,000 Provide adequate training such as Project Management, Medical Coding, or a Stem Project to find sustainable employment.
  7. Donate any amount and help us work toward our goals.
  1. Donate

Make a donation today and help the cause of a female veteran. Your donation, however big or small, can change a life for the better.  Check with your accountant of financial adviser to find out what stipulations may apply for tax-deductible donations.


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