7 Key Life Choices for Better Communication

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Pamela Gilley, PrincipalKey Life Choices CoachingGold Key Choices, LLC


Pamela Duncan Gilley, President & Associate Certified Coach

7 Key Life Choices, a coaching, leadership training, and consulting company

Coach Pam effectively partners with individuals, executives and teams to identify and make key choices for achieving their personal and business goals. Pam provides the opportunity for clients to envision their dreams, explore options, focus on solutions, align their choices to their values, and celebrate accomplishments.

Pam also creates custom training and leadership programs reinforced by coaching. Certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISC personality assessment, she uses these to help clients develop self-awareness and improve communication and performance.

In addition to coaching and training, Pam is a nonprofit organizational development consultant. Focusing on mission alignment, she leads nonprofits in assessing governance, human resources, and systems and process improvement.

Pam’s clients benefit from her experience and unique combination of strategic and practical insights.  A former nonprofit executive, Pam led the 900,000 all-female member American Legion Auxiliary, serving military veterans and families. She was the Executive Director of a Community Foundation, and special projects assistant to a university President. She holds the Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) designation.

Pam is an Army veteran and proud Army mom whose daughter served seven tours to Afghanistan. She is passionate about coaching veterans, served 10 years as a liaison for the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) and as a member of the Academy Nominations Committee IN03 District.


Effective communication is something we all recognize when we experience it and when we don’t. Why does it seem at times like we just can’t get people to understand what we’re saying? We know we’ve been very clear, but something gets lost in the translation.

During this course, we’ll review 7 key life choices we can make to open the doors to better communication with those in our lives: coworkers, clients, team members, and even family members.

 By the end of the course, participants will discover:


  • The primary starting point for all good communication
  • Tips for success with different communication styles
  • Considerations for choosing the right communication medium
  • The power of questions to enhance communication
  • Ideas for managing our personal state
  • The value of language and words
  • How to conduct a personal emotional audit during communication



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