Transitioning Successfully Financially

Presented By:  Carol Pierre

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Transitioning Successfully Financially

Carol Pierre is a native of Jackson, MS.  She relocated to Atlanta, August 1986 to attend Clark College now Clark Atlanta University.  She majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and received her BA degree in 1988.  She is the President of Millones Investors Group, Inc., a Christian based company providing personal financial information to people seeking financial freedom.  The company launched in December 2004 with a strong desire to educate people worldwide on how to manage their personal finances on a written budget.  Information taught is scripture based that will provide a foundation for those seeking freedom from the bondage of debt.  Mrs. Pierre worked as Finance Manager for a faith based organization for 2½ years where she managed successfully 1.2 million dollars.  In addition, Mrs. Pierre is the author of “Money Mind” scheduled to be released in 2015.  Money Mind will teach readers a faith based method for becoming debt free.

Transition from military to civilian life begins when you focus your faith on your future.  The key words are focus, faith, and future.  Transitioning from military life to civilian life should be a great experience.  It should exciting, adventurous, lots of anticipation, and amazing expectations.  It will be what you desire and picture it to be.  Start by asking yourself, what do I want my financial future to look like after transitioning?  Abundance-having more than enough to meet my needs; overflow.  The decision begins and ends with you.  Hopefully, your answer is abundance, then you should focus your thoughts on a debt free lifestyle; next step is to take action by living on a written cash flow plan and results will follow.  The results will be a debt free lifestyle, an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of living expenses in place, and a plan in place to pay cash for all purchases regardless of how major.  Remember it’s your decision.  Are you willing to do what it takes financially so you can enjoy the transition?


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