As we ease into the celebration of living in a free nation, The National Resource Society for Women Veterans, Inc. (NRSWV) team would like to say “Thank You” for serving.  You’ve sometimes served in an other-than-honorable conditions, away from your children, significant other and have committed to hanging in there until you were relieved from your duty.  Some of you are still serving.  No two duty fulfillments have been completed in the same tempo.  In reality, you’re the “only one” who really knows what it took for “you” to remain focused and come out winning in your situation(s).  You may say how can I claim you’re a winner?  Well, for starters you returned home when many others didn’t.  You’ve grown exponentially, and are a true American leader as a result!  I want to be one of the first to congratulate you for accepting the challenge.  Job well done!  The 4th of July is more than just fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers and homemade apple pies, it’s about celebrating our dedication to keep our America FREE!  It wouldn’t have happened without you!

You sacrificed your entire livelihood as a daughter, mother, sister or friend, because you captured the vision of what was necessary for our country’s legend to continue.  Be proud girlfriend and accept that you are the reason for the celebration, and not only are your spouse and children the biggest recipients of your loyalty, but everyone who partakes in the not-so-freely given freedom within the United States.  Hold your head up high, and never look down again, because you chose to do a good thing for our nation.  You’re a military woman with wisdom and pride for her country.  Many aspire to be like you, or have the level of confidence, skills, discipline and tenacity you display naturally.

So, go ahead, embrace every moment of sunshine, warm wind that blows on your face, hugs from your family, and adore the radiant colors of red white and blue you’ll encounter, because it’s an honor that not everyone is has the ability to receive.  Choose to allow this day to become filled with grace and gratitude of your warrior being.  I guarantee you’ll begin approaching each day differently, and they’ll become brighter.  No matter the storm, wind or rain that comes your way, you are designed to triumph!  Remember, you’ve passed the ultimate gladiator’s test, and have become an original warrior!  Don’t forget to stay connected with us, and embrace the unique sisterhood that surrounds you with support, because there’s nothing like it!  Know that we’re here for you, and on behalf of The National Resource Society for Women Veterans, Inc. we’d like to remind you just how bad-to-the-bones you are Girlie, while wishing you a very

“HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, and Thank you for your service!”

Wanda Petty “Sistah Soldier”

President/Exec. Director

SHE Society for Women Veterans, Inc.

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